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05.-07.09.2019 International Stamp Fair Sběratel in Prague. The ArGe will have an information desk there, where you can buy our personalized sheetlets as well as the new catalogues of postal stationery and other literature.
June 2019 No. 200 of the "Forschungsberichte aus der Tschechoslowakei-Philatelie" was issued. For members subscription is included in the membership fee. Prospective buyers please contact the department of literature. (orders and subscription, content)
May 2018 Our members Wilfried Osthues, Ctibor Sobotka and Ladislav Kokta authored a new specialized catalogue of postal stationery for the Czech Republic comprising the years 1993 till 2017. It has flexible binding, format A4 and is completely coloured. The catalogue consists of two parts:
  • Part 1: Postcards (4 volumes, more than 1200 pages in total)
  • Part 2: Other stationery: aerogrammes, picture postcards, postal service covers and others (about 350 pages)
If existing, corresponding special cancellations are shown with the stationery. Moreover, printing and plate errors are mentioned. For the first time congratulation and invitation cards are catalogued with the postal service covers.
Part 1 costs 195 euros, part 2 49 euros. Both parts together are available for 229 euros. ArGe Members are entitled to a discount price of 175, 43, and 218 euros respectively. The prices do not include shipping. The catalogues can be ordered from the department of literature.
Various personalized sheetlets issued by the Czech Post on the occasion of annual meetings are still available. They can be ordered from the chairman Hartmut Liebermann.