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Private Homepages

  • Exponet (virtual philatelic exhibition by B. Janík and M. Černík)
  • Infofila (e-zine, in Czech/Slovak)
  • (a large scale of information about Slovak philately by V. Jankovič, also in English)
  • (information about all typograhic stamps ČSR I - Hradčany and others - by M. Wilson)
  • Postage Stamp Library (images of virtually all Czechoslovak and Czech stamps and classification according to various aspects by Mark Wilson, in English and Czech)
  • Japhila (e-zine, by one of the founders of Exponet, in Czech)
  • StampOnTheWeb (philatelic portal of the Italian Society for Military Post and Postal History (AICPM) with a large collection of links)
  • Database of Czechoslovak postmarks

Commercial Sites