ArGe Tschechoslowakei - Contact

ArGe Tschechoslowakei e.V.
Society of Collectors of Czechoslovak Stamps

Contact Persons

Function Name Phone
Chairman Hartmut Liebermann +49-2561-961101
Deputy chairman Stefan Tischner +49-3691-213330
Managing director Dieter Friedt +49-771-61744
Treasurer Peter Darmietzel +49-9727-1766
Editor of the periodical Wilfried Osthues +49-8252-82750
Editor of the periodical Rainer Voß +49-30-6734386
Department of literature Christian Neumann +49-7623-62621
Catalogues of postal stationery Wilfried Osthues +49-8252-82750
Internal auctions Gerhard Hanacek +43-664-6250309
Library Christian Neumann +49-7623-62621
New issues service Ladislav Kokta +420-376-390260
Circular exchange Detlef Schneider +49-351-27592958

The managing director is also data protection official.

Certain services as for instance the new issues service and the circular exchange are available for members only.