ArGe Tschechoslowakei - About us

ArGe Tschechoslowakei e.V.
Society of Collectors of Czechoslovak Stamps

About us

Our association unites collectors interested in Czechslovak philately. Our working field covers the territory of Czechoslovakia recognized by international law as for the 31.12.1937. The geographical and temporal extent is therefore as follows:

A lot of our members also take an interest in the fields of

For these fields of interest there are independent working groups inside the Association of German Philatelists (ArGe Deutsche Ostgebiete and ArGe Böhmen und Mähren). Our group maintains close relationships with these groups and many of our members belong to them too.

It is our goal to coordinate the research work of the Czechoslovak philately in the German speaking countries, to publish the results of this work, to assist collectors interested in Czechoslovak philately and to fight forgery.
Some of our members have special fields of research in which they publish their findings (publications). In particular we would like to mention specialized catalogues. For some topics there are special research groups.
Most of recognized philatelic experts of Czechoslovak philately are organized in the ArGe.

The group has about 100 members in Germany and abroad. Beside that the Arge maintains contacts with organizations committed to Czechoslovak philately abroad as follows:

Members are offered a number of services:

How to become a member you will learn here.