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The Interesting Item


The parcel clipping shows a mixed franking of post-used Czechoslovak newspaper stamps from 1937 with the 1st Protectorate issue, totalling 3.75 crowns for 75 newspapers to Valašské Meziříčí dated 22.X.39.

Postage in the Protectorate, to Slovakia and to the German Reich cost 5 Heller per newspaper weighing up to 100g, with an additional 2 Heller payable for each supplement. The way the newspaper stamps were cancelled was a special feature. For domestic mailings, the stamps were not cancelled at the dispatch post office, but - with few exceptions - at the delivery post office.

The issue of newspaper stamps in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia continued a tradition that had already been introduced in the newly founded Czechoslovakia in 1919. The first series of newspaper stamps was issued at that time, followed by a second series in 1937, which already had exactly the same colours and denominations as the two Protectorate series issued later.

The first Protectorate series was issued on 25.08.1939 and was valid until 31.03.1943. Before that, the Czechoslovak newspaper stamps of 1937 were still valid for postage from 15 March 1939 until 15 December 1939, which meant that rare mixed frankings with the 1st Protectorate series were possible during this period.

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