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The cover shown, dated 30.01.1992, is an ordinary registered letter. The postage for the letter was 1 Kčs, the registered surcharge 3 Kčs. The larger format of the envelope (B5) shows that at that time the format of an item was only of secondary importance.

The R-label "Jaslovské Bohunice - Atómová elektráreň" is remarkable, indicating that the letter was posted at the post office of the Jaslovské Bohunice nuclear power plant. A look at the postmark confirms this finding: 919 31 J. BOHUNICE AT. ELEKTRÁREŇ. The postcode directory of Czechoslovakia (as of 1985) also shows that the post office of the power plant had its own postcode. The postcode of the Jaslovské Bohunice municipality was 919 30.

Are there comparable R-labels and postmarks from other (nuclear) power plants? At least for nuclear power plants, none are known to the author. The second Slovakian nuclear power plant, Mochovce, was still under construction in the mid-1980s, and the postcode directory does not show a separate postcode for either the plant or the municipality. The same applies to the Temelín plant in southern Bohemia, which made international headlines for a time after the fall of communism, although the municipality does have its own postcode. The lesser-known plant in Dukovany in southern Moravia also does not have its own postcode. As far as the author is aware, a situation comparable to Jaslovské Bohunice existed only in the case of the Počerady thermal power plant in northern Bohemia, with a R-label and postmark "Počerady - elektrárna".

Finally, the observer interested in social philately can make the following observations: On the one hand, the somewhat blurred stamp of the sender contains the abbreviation "a.s." (= akciová společnost - joint-stock company). Before the Velvet Revolution, this would probably have read "n.p." (= národní podnik - nationally-owned company). On the other hand, the address of the recipient in the sales department of the RUBENA company is "p(aní = Mrs.) Slováková", whereas previously the abbreviation "s." (soudruh/soudružka = comrade) was customary. By the way, the recipient company still exists today and produces mainly machine and vehicle parts made of rubber (e.g. V-belts, hoses), but also ice hockey pucks.

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